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Full Service Design vs. Design Consulting

Is full service interior design right for you?


In a nutshell, full service interior design involves a design team partnering with you from early concept to final completion — from initial conceptual design to CAD drawings, design presentations, budget management, helping you shop and edit your existing belongings, placing and receiving orders, collaborating with contractors, partnering in construction, warehousing furniture deliveries, and installing the final furnishings and design. We even stuff the pillows and steam the drapes! 


Full service design takes your space from just a dream to fully installed, resulting in a streamlined process and magazine-ready space.  We want you to walk in and feel instantly at home!


Signs you are a "FULL SERVICE DESIGN" client!

  • You know what you like and don't like in design, but you do not know how to pull it all together. 

  • You are excited to collaborate with a designer who invests the time to listen and understand your life and design style. You want a designer who can propose ideas you might never have thought of, taking your ideas next level, creating a beautiful, functional home that is uniquely suited to who you are.  We love when our clients say, "You understand our style even better than we do!"  Read more from our clients here: CLIENT TESTIMONIALS.

  • You have tackled a large furnishings or construction project on your own before, and at the end you said NEVER AGAIN.

  • The idea of someone "handling everything" allows you to breathe again!

  • You don't have the time or interest in spending weekends sitting on potential furniture or picking paint or grout samples, much less navigating the hundreds of decisions, orders, contractors, and hours spent managing the design and build process.

  • You want the voice of experience. You value experts' advice and knowing what other homeowners have found to be life-changing, worth the investment, or biggest regrets.  Our clients often say, "We don't know what we don't know. We trust you to decide!"  That trust makes for INCREDIBLE collaborations. 

  • You want to do it right the first time. An experienced designer not only improves the final product but can save you from making costly mistakes.  

  • A full service interior design client is in it for the quality end result, not for speed.  Yes, hiring our team saves you a ton of time no need to manage trades, inspect labor, or leave your job to receive deliveries, etc.  but good full service interior design doesn’t happen overnight.  Many of our kitchen renovation projects last 4 - 6 months from design start to final installation. Particularly in pandemic times wrought with manufacturing delays, you can expect the process to furnish a room to take 6 months or longer. The upside is that we really dive into who our clients are and what they need in their environments. Everything is well thought out and designed with intention.

  • You are prepared for the INVESTMENT. 

    • No surprise, full service interior design is a financial investment.  As a full-service design team, we focus on a limited number of projects each year, allowing us to turn designs around quickly, offer concierge level service, remain fully up-to-date on our clients' projects and progress, and be timely available to our clients and their contracting teams. The minimum design fee expenditure for renovations and furnishings projects starts at $10,000, and $75,000 for new builds.  Those design fees are separate and in addition to the project costs (contractors, furniture, cabinetry, wallpaper, lighting, etc.)   

    • Budgets start around $75,000 to "gut renovate" a kitchen (keep in mind appliances can easily account for half of that) and $35,000 to fully furnish a single room, such as a living room. Furnishing a whole home starts around $150,000. Those budget estimate reflect a starting price point at which we are confident we can achieve a layered, customized, uniquely tailored design.


Signs you would NOT enjoy the FULL SERVICE DESIGN process.

  • You want to do some of the design yourself and/or you LOVE being involved in the process and all the details. You look forward to visiting all the tile, furniture, fabric and lighting stores. You prefer to take the lead in making the decisions and placing orders.

    The investment in hiring a full service designer allows you to AVOID doing all of those things. If you love those tasks but simply need someone to bounce ideas off of, a designer who specializes in "design consulting"
    stepping in only as you need them could be a wonderful fit!  


  • You do not trust an interior designer can understand you or your style.

At Tera Janelle Design, we live and breathe interior design, construction, and process. Our design process begins with LISTENING and cultivating authentic relationships with our clients, diving deep into what they love, how they live or want to live, their design style, and their vision. We have worked with many of our clients for many years, across multiple homes, states, and projects reinforcing our importance on establishing a meaningful relationship and deep trust with our clients. Developing that level of trust with a designer is not always easy, which is why we suggest diving deep when researching interior designers and finding a designer whom you connect with personally and whose work speaks to your aesthetic.

  • Custom cabinetry, handcrafted furniture, commissioned art, and bespoke or one-of-a-kind pieces are NOT necessarily important to you.

    Clients who value our services crave something truly unique and customized for their family, lifestyle, space, or hobbies. It is an off-the-rack vs. a custom tailored suit/dress perspective. Our clients want the custom tailored HOUSE!

  • You are in a season of life or generally approach decisions with COST as a leading factor.  Newlyweds eating ramen noodles, sitting on the floor, and using Rubbermaid tubs as nightstands, been there!! 

    Interior design is a professional service, similar to hiring an accountant or personal trainer.  Many people reach a season in life when the investment in those professional services becomes a priority, as they save them TIME and headaches. You could certainly file your own taxes or tend your own lawn, but the chances are better for success if you hire a quality professional to ensure the best result. 

Does FULL SERVICE DESIGN sound right for you?

We are so excited to talk with you!

If our FULL SERVICE approach is NOT right for you, that does not mean there is not a wonderful designer for you out there!

Full service design is our approach.  It is what 15 years of designing has shown is the best fit for our team and clients, but many designers offer a whole tier of services or specifically specialize in design consulting!


So how do you find them?


When reaching out to designers ask if they offer "different tiers of services" or specifically "Do you offer design consulting, or would I need to bring you on for the whole project?"  There is a designer out there who is just right for you!!


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