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Project discovery call with Tera and in-home design consultation.

Signing of design agreement and payment of design fee retainer.

Clients "deep dive interview" with design team.

Site survey and measure.

    Designing of floor plans and elevations.

Creation of trade and contractor quoting packets.

Securing of trade and contractor bids.

Project budget review with clients.

     Review and signing of "not to exceed" project budget agreement.

Selection of all design finishes and furnishings.

Creation of 3D renderings (as applicable).

Client approval of all specification lists and design boards.

Signing of updated project budget agreement reflecting any requested add-ons.

Payment of project budget deposit.

    Collaborating with contractors and trades.

Design team site visits.

 Placing of orders.

Receiving and warehousing of all deliveries.

Delivery of design materials to project site.


 Conclusion of construction.

Installation of all specified furnishings.

The final reveal.

"Punch list" follow up.

Final project photography.

Submission of final invoice and care guide to clients.

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Do you offer design consultations?

Our project availability is presently running at-capacity with full service design projects, so we are not presently offering design consultations as a one-off-service.  However, a design consultation is the first step for our full service design projects. Learn more about full service design here: IS FULL SERVICE INTERIOR DESIGN RIGHT FOR YOU?

Do you take on projects outside of Lynchburg, Virginia?

At this time, we focus primarily on projects within two hours of Lynchburg, Virginia.  

When are you available to begin work on our project?

We are typically booking 4 - 8 weeks out on new project starts.

We are building a new home.  When should we call you?

We recommend reaching out at least 6 months before you break ground. We presently offer full-service design only, meaning we join projects at very early concept and guide our clients through every detail of the design and build process. We often join our clients' new builds before they've even chosen a builder or architect, sometimes even before they have purchased the land/lot. This early collaboration provides for the very best final designs!

Would you join a new build that is already underway?

We generally join a new build long before the project has broken ground, but we evaluate every project inquiry independently.  We are happy to review the point you are at in the process and let you know whether it would be a fit.

What is the difference between "construction design" and "furnishings design"?

Construction design specifics the floor plan, layouts, and finishes of the items that are quite literally FIXED or attached to your home. The paint color, siding, roof, flooring, cabinetry, millwork, hardware, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, tile, wallpaper, etc.


When designers describe the process of "furnishing" a home, we are referring to rugs, lamps, furniture, artwork, draperies, and yes, even the tableware and decorative books and accessories we use for styling!​ Anything that is NOT permanently attached is a "furnishing" — the sofas, rug, arm chair, coffee table books, drapes, candles, artwork, bath towels, kitchen tableware, accent table, throw pillows, and the brass horse sculpture on the bookshelves, they are all "furnishings."


At Tera Janelle Design, we primarily partner with clients in designing both the "construction fixed materials" AND the "furnishings," so the home has a decidedly cohesive, customized feel throughout.

Are clients required to use TJD for both construction design and the furnishings? 

While we do not require furnishings as a part of construction design projects, about 85% of our projects involve some level of furnishing. We have found clients are infinitely more happy at the conclusion of a construction project when at least one room is furnished to completion.  After so many months (or even years!) spent in the bustle of the construction process, the warmth and satisfaction of knowing at least one room is fully finished has been invaluable to our clients.

The investment. Do you have design minimums?

At Tera Janelle Design, our design fees are billed on an hourly or flat fee basis, depending on the scope of the project. Those design fees are based on the total design hours (or estimated design hours) our design team spends on the design and management of the project.


Our minimum required "design fee investment" is $15,000 for local projects and $25,000 for travel based projects (anything outside of a 45-minute radius of our Lynchburg, Virginia studio).  For new builds, the minimum design investment is $75,000. Just a reminder, those design fees are for the hours invested by our design team.  The design fees do not include not contractor fees or furniture or fixtures. Projects less than that minimum investment end up spreading us across many projects, and always spread us too thin.  Instead we focus on a limited number of projects a year, allowing us to turn designs around quickly, offer concierge level service, remain fully up-to-date on our clients' projects and progress, and be timely available to our clients and their contracting teams.  

How much do your kitchen or bath renovations typically cost?  How about furnishing a room?

While we do not have specific room-by-room minimums, there are some general investment starting points we use as reference. The following aspects of a room will affect those numbers —

  • The size of the room

  • The space plan

  • How many overall pieces you will need

  • The quality of the furniture 

  • How many custom pieces we design (upholstery furniture, wood furniture, art, lighting, throw pillows)

  • The number of window treatments needed 

  • Taxes, shipping & warehousing costs

  • Additional labor: installation & professional services Ex. wallpaper installation, furniture installers, art install (a gallery wall takes much longer to hang than one large piece of art, etc.)

Keep in mind the following numbers are starting costs for our projects — with our aesthetic, our focus on durability and customized pieces, and our approach to comfortably filling a space. Another designer may recommend varied investment levels.


The majority of the "Fixed Materials" costs noted below are generally construction/build costs that are paid directly by the client to the general contractor. "Fixed Materials" costs through Tera Janelle Design generally include light fixtures, custom cabinetry, decorative cabinet hardware, wallpaper, bath hardware, etc.


Kitchen Renovation (NO furnishings)​

Design Fees: $10,000 - $20,000

Fixed Materials: $75,000 (construction labor, appliances, cabinetry, lighting, paint, fixtures, flooring, etc.)

Ensuite Bedroom and Bath Renovation + Furnishings​

Design Fees: $10,000 - $20,000

Fixed Materials: $50,000 (construction labor, paint, appliances, cabinetry, lighting, fixtures, flooring, etc.)

Furnishings: $25,000 (bed, bedding, nightstands, dresser, accent chairs, draperies, towels, art, accessories, etc.)

New Build — 4,000 sqft  (NO furnishings)​

Design Fees: $75,000

Fixed Materials: $785,000 (construction labor, millwork, appliances, cabinetry, lighting, fixtures, flooring, etc.)

Whole-Home Furnishings​ for 3,500 sqft home

Design Fees: $50,000 - $75,000

Furnishings: $150,000 - $250,000 (furnishing of the entire home from scratch)

*The majority of the quoted "fixed materials" costs are typically paid by the client directly to the general contractor for construction materials and labor.

How long does the design take?

The length of project is contingent on project scope, contractor availability, and product lead times, but we work with contractors and vendors to provide an anticipated project schedule so you know what to expect and when! Here is a typical schedule for a complete kitchen renovation:

Design Phase: The design phase of a kitchen renovation typically lasts 2 - 6 weeks. 

Quoting: The length of time a project takes to quote depends on the availability and timeliness of contractors and tradesman.  For a kitchen renovation, we find general contractors typically take 2 - 3 weeks to meet with trades and compile the project quote.

Construction & Installation: The start of construction will depend on the general contractor's schedule and material availability.  If the kitchen materials are ordered ahead of time (many kitchen appliances are currently running 6+ months lead times), construction for a full-gut kitchen renovation typically lasts 3-4 months from "day one" of construction to completion.

Has the pandemic affected the design process?

The short answer, YES. We are seeing significant lead times for manufacturing and furnishings, and very busy project loads for contractors and trades.  But we have always approached our design process with a Type-A attention to detail and planning, so we have simply kicked that into ultra high gear!

We now recommend clients complete the design process and placement of orders long before construction actually begins. This allows time for those long delayed products and appliances — presently 6 - 10 months for an integrated fridge or panel-ready dishwasher!  Also many contractors are booked months out. It may be several months after they submit a quote for the design project before they have availability to begin work.

We are seeing equally long lead times in furnishings, with most custom furniture manufacturers estimating 20 weeks or longer for furniture production.  So plan early if you want your new living room in time for Christmas!

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